Weapons & Tactics Shop Support

Weapons and Tactics Shop Support.

Vault Support. The contractor shall:

Complete initial Activity Security Manager (ASM) training provided by Unit Advanced Programs (AP) Office.

Comply with all requirements as directed by unit AP Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Provide advice/guidance to the AP Program Security Manager (PSM) on squadron security issues.

Assist PSM in developing and implementing security policies, plans, and procedures (such as SOPs, system security, program test, and operations security plans) for all personnel and facilities that support advanced or special programs.

Assist in the interpretation and proper application of squadron specific or related Security Directives and Security Classification Guides.

Research, interpret, analyze, and apply security guidelines from various sources for local application.

Assist the Unit AP Cyber-Security Liaison, to include scheduling Automated Information System (AIS) maintenance, keeping all inventory databases current, and conducting/validating audits that are operated on Government AIS equipment.

Ensure initial and annual AIS training is conducted for all squadron AIS users.

Report AIS violations to the unit AP office.

Ensure all personnel are in compliance with annual security training requirements and develop training material and lesson plans as required.

Ensure all squadron personnel are familiar with and follow all plans and procedures, to include facility SOPs; AIS Security Plan (procedures for securing AIS equipment); Emergency Action Plan (safeguarding classified material in emergency situations); and Operations Security (OPSEC) plan.

Conduct vault indoctrination briefings, weapons duty officer (WDO) training, vault opening/closing procedures, and classified courier training as required.

Prepare deployment plans and gather all required documents when an aircraft will remain off station (i.e., squadron deployments, cross countries, and airshows).

Ensure foreign travel requirements are met before personnel travel to foreign countries.

Obtain training and certification to act as a classified courier.

Provide vault-related duties as follows:

Comply with and follow DoDM 5205.07 vol’s 1-4, 1CD-705, and any other Special Access Program (SAP) directives per MAJCOM and/or Wing AP.

Know and ensure unit compliance with Security Classification Guides (SCGs) for all programs authorized within assigned vault.

Provide direct oversight of all vault activities for the squadron.

Update vault checklists to comply with all MAJCOM and unit AP SOPs.

Maintain day-to-day control and maintenance of access control system and associated forms.

Conduct and document regular self-inspections of program facilities and operations. When deficiencies are identified, prepare and implement corrective action plan and ensure correction timelines are met.

Monitor facility discrepancies and work with unit AP office, squadron personnel, and/or outside agencies to maintain vault to operational standards.

Maintain strict accountability of all accountable material within the vault.

Ensure all equipment used within the vault (safes, reproduction equipment, destruction devices, etc.) meet applicable standards and are approved by the unit AP office.

Ensure an annual 100% vault inventory is conducted and provide direct oversight for compliance during the inventory, the results of which are reported to the Wing Commander and the MAJCOM.

Process classified material shipments entering/exiting the facility (to include mail and electronic data transfers), and ensure appropriate methods of destruction are adhered to.

Follow established procedures for marking, safeguarding, use, and destruction of classified material.

Establish procedures to review classified holdings on a recurring basis to reduce inventories to the minimum necessary.

Report known or suspected security incidents to the unit AP office, investigate potential security issues as advised by AP, make recommendations for the completion of Preliminary Inquiries regarding corrective or other actions as required, and assist the MAJCOM in conducting a damage assessment.

Support security investigations for incidents involving the actual or possible loss, compromise, or inadvertent disclosure of classified information.

Perform Weapons Duty Officer duties IAW Unit Weapons Officer SOPs.

Perform additional duties IAW unit weapons officer guidance/SOPs, such as WDO duties, media inventory management (procure, replace, dispose), and media classification level changes.

Provide visit certification related duties as follows:

Prepare, send, and receive visit requests through Unit AP Office. Upon arrival, verify incoming visitors have the required security clearance necessary for discussions. Provide escorts for un-cleared visitors in the secure area.

Monitor visits of foreign national personnel to ensure the disclosure of and access to export controlled articles and related information are limited to those that are approved by an export authorization.

Coordinate with AP Government Lead for janitorial services and authorized personnel performing building maintenance, modification, and upkeep.

Provide facility manager related duties as follows:

Perform required security container combination changes and associated paperwork.

Monitor facility alarm system, report malfunctions, and prepare plan for compensatory security measures as required. Conduct required timed response tests with local Security Forces.

Respond to after-hour alarm malfunctions and activations. Each FTE will be limited to a maximum of five responses per calendar year and will not be required to remain at the facility for more than eight hours per response.


                                KSA – Experience and Education Requirement Minimum


2 Years Experience with USAF fighter squadron, group, or wing weapons and tactics shop security-related operations OR 2 years Experience with DoD flying squadron, group, or wing weapons and tactics shop security-related operations

2 years Experience applying policies and procedures outlined in DoDM 5205.07 vol’s 1-4, 1CD-705, and any other SAP requirements set forth from MAJCOM and/or wing AP

2 Years Experience with information, industrial, and personnel security concepts, principles, and practices, participating in the planning and implementation of security programs within an organization

2 Years Experience with required security training concepts, programs, procedures, and practices, assisting managers in establishing and complying with internal security programs

2 Years Experience developing, analyzing, and evaluating security programs; meeting mission requirements; and improving an organization’s security program

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