SDS International (SDS) successfully completed a multiyear Prime contract with the US Army Natick Soldier Research Development and Engineering Center (NSRDEC), Natick, MA, to enhance the Interactive Small Combat Unit-in-the-Loop Laboratory (ISCULL) Virtual Testbed (VTB) developed and improved by SDS and NSRDEC under earlier contracts. Under this contract, SDS’ Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando FL, designed, developed and integrated a variety of new virtual simulation components capable of significantly enhancing the assessment of US Army Technology, Systems & Program Integration Directorate (TSPID) and Technology-enabled Capability Demonstration (TeCD) components and supporting emerging technology maturation within TSPID and NSRDEC TeCDs.

Accomplishments include significantly improving overall VTB system realism, flexibility and interoperability by improving the system’s First Person Shooter (FPS)-based host simulation provided by SDS’ Hero simulation software; replacing the system’s PC-IG with SDS’ physic’s-based simulation-focused CYBORG game engine; improving the VTB’s ROVATTS-based UAV, UGV, sensor and networking capabilities supporting Soldier-borne displays such as augmented reality displays; and expanding the VTB’s CoT messaging capabilities to include existing End User Devices (EUD) and replicate the Soldier-borne SMADSNet providing the ability to deploy audio and visual sensor technology controllable through handheld devices.

Accomplishments also include enhancing simulation software tools, based upon SDS’ LIFE scene content software, that allow users to create complex Artificially Intelligent (AI)-driven scenario vignettes needed to support assessment of soldier measures of performance; providing a highly-realistic Pacific-rim terrain database and associated scene content (vegetation, and human/animal/vehicle 3D models/animations/AI-behaviors); and developing and refining specific offensive, defensive, move-to-contact, Hogan’s Alley, and BOLO AI-driven scenarios.

SDS also significantly improved upon its Hero-FPS, laser-based Simulation Weapons Assessment Station (SWAS) provided under an earlier contract; delivered an FPS/CYBORG-based 220º H FOV x 90º V FOV dome fully capable of supporting Soldier-borne equipment assessments and cognitive science experiments; completed initial integration/testing of that dome with both the upgraded SWAS system and COTS eye-tracking hardware and software; and provided system component refresh to improve overall system effectiveness.

SDS’ Hero-FPS simulations, CYBORG physics-based, simulation-focused game engine technologies, LIFE-based AI-driven scene content software, and ROVATTS-based unmanned UAS, UGV and unattended ground sensor simulations are capable of supporting a variety of air, land and maritime virtual R&D, T&E and simulation training applications.

SDS is a service-disabled veteran-owned operations-oriented small-business providing a broad range of services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Core competencies include Education and Training, Test and Evaluation, Engineering and Technical Services, Research and Development, and PC-Based Training and Simulation Products.

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