SDS Awarded Contract to Support

ANG MTD/LIFE Simulations

SDS International (SDS) has been awarded a contract to provide upgrades, improvements, and general support to Air National Guard (ANG) Mission Training Device (MTD) simulators, including their LIFE-based Artificially Intelligent (AI)-driven scene content software. The overall scope of the support to be provided will include a variety of system-related areas such as: system sustainment, concurrency upgrades, and improvements needed to ensure system relevance and operational effectiveness; system movements needed to support changes in unit mission needs; initial and follow-on training of crews and maintenance personnel; and system maintenance support. Initially, SDS’ Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando, Florida, will provide selected MQ-9 Reaper MTD concurrency software updates; develop MTD-LITE (sensor-only) simulation software by modifying the current ROVATTS-based MQ-9 MTD software baseline; convert one current MTD simulator system into two MTD-LITE simulators; and perform an initial test-integration of the resultant MTD-LITE system with selected ANG networked training system capabilities.

MTD-LITE simulators will be composed of current MQ-9 MTD hardware (excluding the pilot station) and the same baseline instructor operating station, LIFE, and pilot/sensor operator software as the current MQ-9 MTD. In addition, SDS will modify that baseline software to provide greater system flexibility by including basic MQ-9 MTD aircraft flight capabilities without including a pilot station. Furthermore, SDS will leverage other ROVATTS-based unmanned system simulations to add the capability to operate the MTD-LITE system in Automated, Programmable and Manual modes, as needed to support exercise/training applications. As such, MTD-LITE simulators will be capable of streaming full-motion-video feeds to other networked system components to support a wide variety of exercise/training activities. These include JTAC training (Rover-feeds); stimulation of Intelligence Exploitation Centers/Tactical Operations Centers/Command posts; Defense in Support of Civilian Authority simulation operations; and direct Intel Analyst training using actual analyst tools. In addition, MTD-LITE simulators will support direct sensor operator training using realistic form, fit, function MQ-9 software/hardware human-machine-interface controls currently included in the MQ-9 MTD and highly realistic mission scenarios provided by SDS’ LIFE–based, AI-driven scene content. Furthermore, MTD-LITE simulators will include the ability to perform MQ-9 kinetic strike functions using appropriate MQ-9 weapons delivered through use of simplified weapons selection/delivery functionality.

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