August 1, 2013

 SDS Awarded Multi-Year Contract to Provide

U-2/T-38 Contract Aircrew Training and Courseware Development

For USAF’s Air Combat Command (ACC)

SDS International (SDS) has been awarded a competitive, multiyear contract by ACC to perform U-2 and T-38 Contract Aircrew Training and Courseware Development and training for support staff personnel in support of U-2 and T-38 operations at Beale AFB, California, T-38 operations at Whiteman AFB, Missouri, and T-38 Adversary Air at Langley-Eustis Joint Base, Virginia, Holloman AFB, New Mexico, and Tyndall AFB, Florida. The contract may be modified in the future to include additional training, including training for the RQ-4 (Global Hawk) program.


SDS personnel will conduct academic and training device instruction in support of formal course syllabi, training plans, event instructor guides and Continuation Training (CT). Training will be given to formal course students, permanent party aircrew and U-2 operational support personnel to accomplish required event objectives and specific event tasks. Academic instruction will include platform academic instruction, remedial training and monitoring of computer-based and self-paced instruction periods. Likewise, the training devices (to include any mission procedures trainer sensor configuration, etc.) shall be used during the hours of operation. Instructor duties will also include revision and development of student training instructor guides as syllabus or aircraft procedures change due to mission/event, Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP) or safety requirements. This includes providing Air Force or contract maintenance personnel with event data to transform training device events into software format for entry into the training device.


Additionally, SDS will produce, update and revise U-2/T-38 aircrew and operational support personnel courseware to support academic and training device instruction, and flight phases of the training systems covered in the contract. This includes developing all courseware using the current model of Instructional Systems Development as defined in AFM 36-2234 and AFH 36-2235. Courseware materials will support formal course programs, CT programs and    U-2/T-38 operational support programs, and used for resident and non-resident training. Courseware materials will reflect aircraft hardware, software, TTP, local course rules, flight information publications and safety publications.


SDS is a veteran-owned, operations-oriented small-business providing a broad range of services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Core competencies include Education and Training, Test and Evaluation, Engineering and Technical Services, Research and Development, and PC-Based Training and Simulation Products.


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