November 28, 2012

SDS Delivers Additional AAcuity® PC-IGs for use on JFPL-JTAC Trainers

SDS International (SDS) recently delivered additional AAcuity® PC-IGs to Nova Technologies for delivery on Joint Fires Product Line (JFPL) Joint Terminal Attack Control (JTAC) trainers produced under the direction of the Product Manager for Special Operations Training Systems (PM STS), U.S. Army Program Executive Office for Simulation, Training and Instrumentation (PEOSTRI).


SDS’ Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando FL, worked closely with Nova Technologies during the integration of SDS’ AAcuity® IGs with Nova and GOTS host system software/hardware components of JFPL JTAC trainers to ensure delivered systems provide effective indirect fire, close air support and terminal attack control training capabilities to United States Special Operations Command (USSOCOM) and Joint Forces Command (JFCOM) customers. Varying JFPL JTAC trainer system configurations use the same core asset software and leverage the same baseline hardware to provide training in portable classroom and immersive environments using large-screen displays, projection-dome displays or helmet-mounted displays. Systems also include a dual-monitor instructor station and use of Simulated Military Equipment (SME) to provide training realism.


AAcuity® IGs are designed to provide low-cost, high-fidelity scene generation for flight, space, ground and sea-based training applications using virtually any OpenFlight, Paging OpenFlight or TerraPage database; and ensure maximum cost effectiveness through reuse of existing databases and commonality with other simulations during Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) activities. AAcuity® also supports use of SDS’ LIFE-based Artificially-Intelligent (AI)-driven scene content (vehicles, aircraft, humans, animals, and special effects) needed to support realistic tactical training. Applications include effective ground-based simulation training; airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (including ROVER feeds) and weapons employment training using manned and unmanned aircraft simulations in virtually any urban, open-terrain or maritime simulation training environment. AAcuity® PC-IGs are in use today by US/Foreign militaries and commercial customers.


In addition to JFPL JTAC trainers and other third-party host simulations, AAcuity® IGs are included on all SDS LiteFlite® manned-aircraft, ROVATTS™ unmanned vehicle (flight, ground and sea-based), SPIDER™ Small UAS, RASP-reconfigurable airborne sensor platform and Hero-First Person Shooter (FPS) simulators.


SDS is a veteran-owned, operations-oriented small-business providing a broad range of services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Core competencies include Education and Training, Test and Evaluation, Engineering and Technical Services, Research and Development, and PC-Based Training and Simulation Products.


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