November 05, 2012


SDS to Provide AAcuity® Image Generation Under Sub-Contract with Atlanta-based Company Meggitt Training Systems Incorporated (MTSI)


SDS International (SDS) will deliver its AAcuity® PC-Image Generator (IG) software to Meggitt Training Systems for use on a UK MoD

contract to support implementation of Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) device simulators to the UK MoD’s existing Dismounted Close Combat Trainers (DCCT). The device simulators developed and delivered by this contract provide virtual capability enhancements that complement current training and front-line application of live fire FIST devices. Designed and manufactured by Meggitt Training Systems, with ongoing Contractor Logistics Support (CLS) provided by Meggitt Defence Systems Ltd (MDSL), the DCCT remains the primary small arms training system of the UK MoD since 2003. Meggitt delivered the first small arms training system to the British Army in 1992.


 The AAcuity® IGs will be provided by SDS International’s Advanced Technologies Division, Orlando, Florida as part of the ongoing SDS/Meggitt relationship aimed at maintaining Meggitt’s position as a recognized leader in virtual training solutions through use of high-fidelity, PC-based image generation. This delivery represents a significant benchmark in that relationship as it surpasses a total of 3,000 AAcuity® IGs delivered to Meggitt to help ensure cost-effective training using a wide spectrum of simulation training products including Meggitt’s CGI-driven Small Arms Trainer (SAT), Indirect Fire Trainer (IFT) and Indirect Fire Forward Air Control Trainer (I-FACT™).


 AAcuity® IGs are designed to provide low-cost, high-fidelity scene generation for flight, space, ground and maritime-based training applications using virtually any OpenFlight, Paging OpenFlight or TerraPage database; and ensure maximum cost effectiveness through reuse of existing databases and commonality with other simulations during Distributed Mission Operations (DMO) activities. AAcuity® also supports use of SDS’ LIFE-based Artificially-Intelligent (AI)-driven scene content (vehicles, aircraft, humans, animals, and special effects) generation capability used to support realistic tactical training. Applications include effective ground-based simulation training; and airborne Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (including ROVER feeds) and weapons employment training using manned and unmanned aircraft simulations in virtually any urban, open-terrain or maritime simulation training environment. In addition to being included on Meggitt simulation training systems and a number of other third-party host simulations, AAcuity® IGs are also included on all SDS LiteFlite® manned-aircraft, ROVATTS™ unmanned vehicle (flight, ground and sea-based), SPIDER™ Small UAS, RASP-reconfigurable airborne sensor platform and Hero-First Person Shooter (FPS) simulators.


SDS is a veteran-owned, operations-oriented small-business providing a broad range of services to government and commercial clients worldwide. Core competencies include Education and Training, Test and Evaluation, Analytical and Technical Services, and PC-Based Simulation and Training Products and Services.


Technical POC: Ed Bryan

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