Advanced Technologies
Advanced Technologies Division

Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, the the Advanced Technologies Division (ATD) of SDS International with a field office in Connecticut. The ATD specializes in state-of-the-art PC-based visuals/sensor simulations and training simulation products for military and commercial customers.

The division performs extensive R&D and provides R&D expertise and support services directly to government and prime contractors. As a small business, we have rapidly become recognized as an industry leader in the development of cost-effective, high-fidelity, PC-Based Image Generation (PC-IG) systems for application on emerging and legacy simulators.

PC-Based Reconfigurable simulators, High-fidelity PC-Based IGs, and associated high-fidelity geo-specific, photo-realistic databases, and world-class real-time 3D models represent our core business areas.

  • Visual/Sensor Database Conversion, Design & Development including NVG (Physics-Based Lighting per Texel) and IR (Material Encoded), Terrains and Models
  • Visual System Design & Integration (Multi-Channel, Tiled High Resolution and Dome)
  • Simulator Design & Development
  • Instructor Operator Station (IOS) Design and Development
  • Analysis & Design Utilizing Unified Modeling Language (UML) and Software Managers Network Best Practices
  • Interoperability Network Design and Implementation (DIS, HLA, IPX, Microsoft Direct Play, UDP, MBONE)
  • Custom Application Programming Including Real-Time Physics-Based Models
  • Biomedical Sciences, Physiology, Human Factors Expertise


  • PC-Based Image Generation (PC-IG) and Visualization Systems
  • High-Quality, PC-Focused OpenFlight Compatible Databases
  • Industry Leading Visual Models (Space/Air/Ground/Sea)
  • PC-Based Reconfigurable Simulators
  • Ground-Based Forward Air Controller Training Simulators
  • Rapid Terrain Generation Capabilities
  • Advanced Viewers
  • World-Class Research and Development
  • Premier Technical Expertise
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  • AAcuity® Gateway
  • AAcuity-Hero-FPS
  • AAcuity® PC-IG
  • AACuity® PC-IG ShAAdow Buffer
  • GeoSource-RTBTM
  • I-FACT
  • LiteFlite® Reconfigurable Simulators
  • LiteFlite® SPATS
  • Real World Entity Models 
  • Real World Visual Databases
  • ROVATTS™ Adaptable Unmanned Simulators
  • ROVATTS™ MQ-1 Simulators
  • ROVATTS™ Reaper Simulators
  • Spectator/NEXWARS Viewers